Control panels

Essential features

  1. When starting the unit from cold mode, heat supply must be limited until operating temperature is reached. This is to ensure that the thermal stress of the steel sheets does not become too high and thereby creates shock forces.
  2. The fans are connected in stages, so the start current does not overload the mains.
  3. The fans must not be able to stop without cooling of the heating surfaces after the oil or gas burner has been disconnected.
  4. The burner must not be able to be connected if there is a fan failure.
  5. The controller must show the current operating or possibly. error status.
  6. Control must be able to be started and stopped externally.
  7. SControl must be able to show current operating or possibly error status remotely.

DANHEAT controllers naturally meet all these requirements. The controls can also be fitted with components, so they meet the requirements for your heating needs.