Warm air heaters

DANHEAT are willing to help you dimentioning your air heater. We are willing to help, whether we speak about new systems or modifying existing heaters.

TYPE V24 and B24

TYPE DV30 - DV600

DANHEAT A/S produces air heaters, which are made for just your needs

Indirectly heated for temperatures up to 2400C
For a capacity up to 2.200 kW
For extremely large air amounts
For large output pressure
for indirectly and directly heating

with control for optimal heating economy
   – frequency controlled fan motors
   – modulated burners
   – variable output temperatures

* in an execution to fit your design
   – in special measures according to your instructions
   – with cover plates in electroplated steel

* with accessories, that matches the actual heater
   – filter cabinets for fresh air inlet
   – air mixing cabinets for re-cirkulation/fresh air
   – fans for room suction