Type DV30 – DV600

Danheat hot air heaters cover capacities from 22-2,200 kW and are supplied in Portrait or landscape performance and for oil or gas. The units are designed for heating larger and smaller rooms, where immediate heat is required, for example. workshops, production halls, garages, warehouses, sports halls, etc. The units can be used free-flowing or they can be connected to ducts.

The units are built in a construction of powerful corner posts and double insulated cover plates. Smoke exit is by default located at the top, but can be delivered through the side. The combustion chamber and the first reversing chamber are made of stainless steel.

All hot air heaters are controlled by a programmable room climate that is placed separately in the room.

Danheat hot air heaters are based on simple principles of direct air heating, which provide high efficiency and thus safe operation at low cost. The principle outline shows how the air passes the combustion chamber and heat exchanger and is heated directly. The heated air is blown directly into the room, which has to be heated or passed through channels to other rooms.

• For oil or gas
• Simple and service friendly
• In galvanized construction
• Suitable for channel connection
• Excellent firing economy
• Portrait or landscape performance
• Customized according to your wishes


Practical design

Easy to clean

Easy maintenance