CONDOR AUTOMAT is a three pass boiler where all boiler tubes is below the boiler min. water level . The powerful boiler tubes are dimensioned with such a surface , the boiler can achieve optimum efficiency without the use of turbulators on
flue gas .

This implies that there is a low thermal load on the heating surfaces of the boiler , the boiler and therefore suitable both at constant and varied the steam load.

CONDOR AUTOMAT ‘s characteristics :
• All boiler tubes under my . water level
• Over sizing of the boiler heating surfaces
• Low thermal load
• Excellent fuel economy in both liquid and gaseous fuels
• No turbulators therefore easy maintenance

All pressure parts of the boiler is performed in accordance with PED 97/23 / CEE and quality assurance includes X-ray photography of the boiler welded joints.

Boiler body:
Cylindrical design in certified steel plates.

Front door:
Powerful insulation with piston insulation, easy to open for inspection of firebox and convection pipe.

Convection pipes:
High quality steel pipes – all pipes are welded on the front and rear manifold of the boiler.

Pipe manifold:
Alle transistions are manually drilled in the steel plate to avoid craskings in the steel.

All boiler connections are made with welded flanges.

Boiler body is insulated with 70 mm mineral wool and exterior coated with powder coated steel plates.

The boiler is supplied on a steel foundation for easy installation

For LP-gas or N-gas

Condensating edition

Outlet horisontal or vertical

Simple and service friendly