Air curtains

Information about Guard air curtains

GUARD air curtains are professional and attractive air curtains in a modern design, designed to create a barrier between the outside air and the heated indoor air and are mainly used in places where the door is open – or is opened very often – e.g. shops, hotels, offices, grill bars, restaurants, and other public buildings. This avoids drafts and creates a pleasant indoor climate.

GUARD air curtains are made of high-quality materials, in a compact design, fast heating and low power consumption. By heating with water instead of electricity, energy is saved and safe operation is achieved. When the water is disconnected, it is an ordinary air curtain without heat. Can be used all year round.

GUARD air curtains are designed for operation indoors in a dry environment with an ambient air temperature between 0°C and +40°C for transporting air free of pollutants, such as dust, grease, chemical vapors and other impurities. Relative humidity should not be above 80%.

GUARD air curtains are controlled via a wall-mounted control box, which allows adjustment of the air curtain’s efficiency and heat output. It is possible to adjust the air direction using the directional slats to achieve effective separation.

GUARD air curtain is designed for facilities where the height of installation does not exceed 3.7 m.

  • 2 versions – water or electric
  • 3 lengths – 100, 150 and 200 cm
  • Incl. control box TR-110
  • Incl. 2 metal brackets for wall mounting
  • In powder-coated metal casing and sealing class IP20.
  • Only available in a light gray color
  • Mounting height up to 3.7 m or when vertical, throw length up to 3.7 m
  • Excl. Possibly. valves at water connection

Technical information

Compact design

Energy saving

Easy installation