Ventilation heat exchanger

DANHEAT has a wide range of ventilation systems

Heat Exchanger LUFO/Recuperator

Heat Exchanger type KVG 04-15

Heat Exchanger type KVV 04-15

DANHEAT is willing to help you dimentioning the ventilation system

We are willing to help, whether we speak about new systems or modifying existing systems.

In an execution to fit your design, needs and purpose

  • for air amounts up to 50.000 cbm/h
  • for very poluted gasses
  • for special pressure conditions
  • for large output pressure
  • for indirectly and directly heating
  • in special building measures
  • delivered with electroplated cover plates
  • ventilation systems built in sections, if the access conditions are poor

With controls for all types of ventilation systems.

  • for need controlled ventilation
  • for variable inlet temperature
  • where ventilation systems are connected to other machines

With accessories, which matches the actual system

  • sound reducer locks
  • air mixing cabinets
  • air damper

Wide range of ventilation systems