Heat Exchanger type KVV 04-15

DANHEAT heat exchanger type KVV 04-15 is a series of heat exchangers mounted with Water coil.

The exchangers are mounted with the following:

Airflap for air-inlet with servomotor.
Pocket filter KS 05 for supply air, cleaning gates for filter inspection.
Pocket filter KS 05 for air-outlet, cleaning gates for filter inspection.
Fan and motor for both air-inlet and air-outlet.
Air heat exchanger produces in aluminium – all with an efficiency better than 65 %.
Underneath the heat exchangers air-inlet side is mounted a tray with drain for condensation water.
The exchanger is mounted in a cabinet made of galvanised steel plate. All cover plates are galvanised and isolated with 15 mm mineral wool.
The coil is made of copper pipes with aluminated cooling ledges.
The coil is as a standard set for warm water 70/30gr C. Max operaton pressure 4 bar.
Electrical control for the exchanger is offered according to customer specifications.

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Low noise level

Simple and service friendly

High efficiency