Stainless steel chimney

Information about stainless steel chimney

The element chimney is built up in modules and parts, which are assembled as needed. There is therefore a very large selection of accessories to solve almost all installation problems encountered in the areas: oil boilers, gas boilers, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, convection ovens, etc.

The external surface is polished stainless as standard, but can be delivered finished painted in a matt black. Inside, the surface is 100% glossy and smooth to ensure a perfect discharge of the flue gases.

The element chimneys are made up of 2 metallically independent concentric tubes, which means that thermal bridges do not occur and that the tubes can expand freely in relation to each other.

The pipes are both inside and outside made of stainless steel longitudinally welded by laser welding. The pipes are insulated and separated by Rockwool’s granules and fixed at the ends by strong guide discs made of Rockwool.

All chimney sections and shaped pieces are delivered with nipple and sleeve ends, which are easily assembled using the universal Easy-lock system, which has both a snap lock and a screw connection.

The direction of the smoke is clearly marked on the inside of all sections with a red arrow.

Rockwool granulate insulation.

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