Heat Exchanger LUFO/Recuperator

Information about Heat Exchanger LUFO/Recuperator

A heat exchanger where the heat is recovered from combustion products.

Suitable for: Effective cooling or heat recovery at high temperatures on the return air.


Danheat recuperator: Effective heat recovery at high temperatures.

A recuperator is used where heat recovery / cooling is required at high temperatures on the exhaust air, for example. flue gases, extract air from hardened ovens, glass industry or drying processes.

The recuperator may act as air preheater (LUFO) for combustion air or the heated air may be included in any drying process.

LUFO is manufactured from 50-2000 cubic meters per hour and can be used for exhaust air temperatures up to 900 C depending on the purpose.

LUFO is very easy to clean on the exhaust air side, either mechanically or with liquid, and can therefore be used for heavily polluted air.

The efficiency is typically set for 70% and pressure loss is very small 1 – 1.5 mbar.

The recuperator is mounted in an insulated cabinet. Exterior cladding panels can be made in galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel plates as desired.

Technical information

Easy installation

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean