Gas unit heater condensing

Robur gas calorifiers cover capacities from 30-93 kW. All calorifiers are in modulating design, making the calorifiers suitable for workshops, production, exhibition and storage rooms where instant heat is desired. The calorifiers can be used free-blowing or they can be connected to channels.

The combustion system is designed as “balanced extractor”. Ie it is the same fan that drives the flue gases through the boiler that sucks the combustion air.

All exhaust-gas-affected parts are made of stainless steel that withstands acid formation during combustion. The convector part is dimensioned so that the smoke gasses condense during operation and thus ensure an optimal efficiency. The unit is mounted in a solid powder coated cabinet.

Digital remote control panel
Each calorifier comes with a remote control panel, which can be programmed for temperature adjustments to suit the individual business. Furthermore, it is possible to reset calorifiers if necessary. flame failure from the remote control panel

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Easy installation

Compact design

High efficiency

Energy saving