Type BTL 6-10/6P-10P

Fully automatic monoblock oil burner for oil type FO-1. The burner is as a standard equipped with air damper, which shut off the draught loss during standby, as well as motor, blower and air regulation and is delivered with Danfoss automatichs.
In high/low execution the burner is equipped with air flap motor.

Mounting the burner is simplified to attachment in an especially developed boiler flange, which together with the removable backplate, on which all the components are mounted, makes the nozzle rod easy accessible and the burner very service friendly.

The burners input depth in the combustion chamber can be regulated in the mounted burner flange.

The burner is produced in 2 executions – on/off and high/low execution.

The burner is as a standard mounted with a sound reducing protection cover.

Capacity range: 
BTL   6  on/off : 32-74 kW (2,7-6,3 kg/h)
BTL 10  on/off : 60-118 kW (5,1-10 kg/h)
BTL   6P high/low : 32-74 kW (2,7-6,3 kg/h)
BTL 10P high/low : 60-118 kW (5,1-10 kg/h)

Small and compact

Simple and service friendly

Outstanding heating economy